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a little bit of madness...
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Thursday, November 17th, 2005
11:51 am
last night...
can't quite breath properly yet.

once this cloud of euphoria had lifted a little ill try and put up something constructive that makes sense about last night. but for now...


Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
10:41 am
first best friend: Dipi! And still is (how cute)
first car: marlon the mitsubishi magna (named after brando AND the dad in finding nemo)
first break-up: Marco Scacchi...it was a scandal!
first screen name: beckycoolj (i was gayer than megs... which is a lot harder)
first self purchased album: hahah funny story. there was this aussie band CDB, and they were all persian i think. One hit wonders with this song 'let's groove'. didn't realise you could just buy singles, so me being 8 bought the whole cd. it was shit.
first funeral: Uncle Bruce
first pets: 2 mice named bernard and bianca (ya know, the rescuers "r.e.s.c.u.e. rescue aid society. heads held high, touch the sky, you mean everything to meeeee!"
first big trip: Stati Uniti (the States)when i was in kindy so, 92?
first music you remember hearing in your house: my boyfriend's back (don't ask)

last car ride: this morning
last kiss: *sigh* Matteo. Had a dream about him on Sunday, was SO depressed all day. Man I miss that non-english speaking italian beauty with crazy blonde curly hair and shy persona.
last good cry: i actually havent cried since ive been back from italy, and even then it was only on like the second night there!
last movie seen: Pride and Prejudice
last beverage: a 'brekky to go-go' from boost.
last food consumed: last nights din dins ... i think it was chicken of some sort. can't remember.
last crush: see last kiss. oh how i miss him! and it was funny because i didnt know it was a crush until the last day! idiot!
last phone call: Jill Vandepeer (mother of one of the kids in my panto)
last time showered: this morning
last shoes worn: my cute black kitten heel thingies with the silver embroidery.
last item bought: LIOR CD... i love this man! and we all know my shocker lior story now, but it makes me love him MORE!

where is your favorite place to shop: gotta be tree of life
any tattoos or piercings: ears are done, and my nose stud.

do you do drugs: on occasion
what kind of shampoo do you use: fluctuate between pantene, lush and garnier
what are you listening to right now: Lior - Bedouin Song (and the tap tap of hard working people)
where do want to get married: Vista del Sole, Perugia. OR Botanical Gardens (theyre too pretty, come on)
how many buddies are online right now: wouldnt have a clue!! at work ffs! im guessing not many though
what would you change about yourself: heaps of things! but people seem to love me for who i am... fools. hehe.

color: purple! always
food: changes too often. mmmm chicken. mmmm peanut butter on cornthins mmmmm. rosewater gelato. mmm.
boys' names: salvatore, santino, dante, oh and of course BANJO!
girls' names: Isobella, kaija, hahah LAIKA! Epponnee'ey Raiye
subjects in school: Drama, Mod Hist, Eng Extension .. good times.

taken a bath with someone: yes
smoked: yes
made yourself throw up: on the odd occasion
skinny dipped: not in the true sense of the word.
made yourself cry to get out of trouble: works like a charm
pictured a crush naked: thats the point of the crush no?
actually seen a crush naked: this is usually how the crush starts! jokes!
cried when someone died: um, im gonna go with yes
lied: no, im jesus
fallen for your best friend: only once.. what a mistake
used someone: i thought i had once, but it turned out he used me!
done something you regret: i honestly regret nothing!

clothes: black skirt, pinky top thing, v corporate, v boring.
music: so been done, but its still LIOR!!! because bedouin song is on repeat.
make-up: generaly working day in an office make up (still too much for my liking)
favorite artist: at the moment? need i mention him again.. Lior. a bundle of israeli goodness wrapped up in a musical hottie.

hugged: what aside from my ma last night? probably jade on sunday night.
you IMed: hmmm... oh my god yes! mitch!!! as in mitchy moo! mitch armstrong! i didn't even know he was in freaking japan!

open minded: of course
arrogant: haha only in a joking way!
interesting: i hope so, somewhat!
moody: only when the painters are in
hardworking: yes and no, i can be the biggest bludger in the world if someone doesnt kick me up the bum now an then. but when i work. WOAH i work.
organized: kind of, organised mess is what i like to call it.
healthy: i try to be, but it never works
bored: haha right now? clearly i am if im doing this thing!
responsible: i can be if i put my mind to it hehe. nah im not too bad
angry: nope not generally
sad: at the moment? yeh, im trying to work some shit out! and i miss Matteo
disappointed: day after day. too many high expectatoins
hyper: its the only way to be
trusting: god yeah thats why i have so many problems
talkative: no im a mute
legal: my parents are lawyers? i dont get this question

kill: no one, but george bush deserves some serious pain. in the same breath so does osama BIN LAAAAAAADENNNN!!!!
slap: hmm interesting... OH FRIGGIN GARY AT THE METRO. bitchslap your ass back to the 90's.
talk to online: LIOR!
sex up: someone who really needs it. like amanda vanstone. then i woould kill her... HEY i would kill someone. DIE AMANDA VANSTONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

coke or pepsi: pepsi max baby
flowers or candy: my stomach says candy, my thighs say flowers. but my heart says flowers too.
tall or short: Tall

in the morning i am: asleep
what do you notice on a person first: hair followed closely by teeth
last person you danced with: hahaha shirley anne!!! she's like 55... i taught her the chicken payback!
who makes you smile:at the moment? shirley anne (see above), my ma, my brother, and all my lovely friends. oh and the cast of my panto... comedy gold.
gives you a funny feeling when you see them: my friends in melbourne.

sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone to IM you: i did ONCE... never again though. bastard
wish you were young: noooo i love being 18!haha

of times i have had my heart broken: im gonna go with twice.
of hearts I have broken: erm... just smile and hope for the best.
of boys i've kissed: see meggies answer hahaha. damn those lists to hell.
of girls i've kissed: oh shite. umm i honestly can't remember. there'd be a couple in there. again. just smile and hope for the best
of continents i have lived in on: uno... and what a continent! ITS AN ISLAND!
of cds i own: 1 or 2... thousand.

Current Mood: curious
Monday, November 14th, 2005
9:47 am
most humble apologies...
for not updating since ive been back. too many crazy things have been happening. panto is in full swing, and i basically live in that theatre now (inhaling all its artistic fumes... could just be the 60 friggin dollar gold paint!).

anyway, promised carina id come and post a lior review or something... so im gonna post the email i sent to rach yesterday (to give you an idea of my weekend).

"Hey Rach,

Ok, so I guess I should have a review of last night (Lior at the Metro) for you... but I don't. Why? Because I only saw 5 of his songs. Why? Because my friend fainted and we had a nightmare of a time. I should probably start at the beginning...

Now I was there with two of my friends, Jarni and Sarah. We had had a hell of a day. We had been out painting a set for my panto (long story) all day, and Jarni actually had to rush Sarah to hospital at one point (another long story, but she's ok). So we had been out all day, didn't really eat much, stuck with paint fumes. Came home, showered, I grabbed some dinner and we all went off to the Metro.

At this point Jarni mentions she has a headache, as she was having some SEVERE women's troubles. We offered her some nurofen, but she's already had some. So we grab an orange juice for Jarni, some water etc, go in, get some positions at the front of the stage.Loved Brett Hunt, loved Old Man River (as we always do... I love that guy!). Lior comes on, and everyone, naturally, goes a little mental. We notice Jarni's a little pale, but insists she's ok. Then after Bedouin Song, she starts feeling dizzy, and sort of crouching down. In the middle of Daniel, she doesn't get up, so we drag her out of the crowd and she collapses by the merch desk. We got her up, and she fainted 5 times on the way to the couch.

Metro staff come over, and Sarah and I are freaking out, we thought someone had put something in her drink. Jarni manages to say she hasn't eaten anything all day (stupidly) so we get her some Coke and I run and get her a muffin from Maccas. Meanwhile, the floor manager of the Metro and I are having a yelling match. Most of the staff were really helpful, but this guy, I think it was Gary, was a total ass. He kept asking me what she'd taken, what we were on etc. I had to yell at him that none of us were on drugs, we hadn't even had anything to drink. We were on water and orange juice all night!!! I explained that it was her blood sugar, and she was perfectly fine after having something to eat. But he didn't believe me, and was really shitty, I'm like 'mate we don't need the attitude now, breath test me if you want, but can I look after my friend please?'. Many more heated words were shared, so I bailed to get the car, and take Jarni home.

So yeah, that was it really. Jarni was so upset about making us miss half the show, but she's silly... we were SO worried about her. She was totally fine after we got her out. It was just a long day, painting, no food, women's troubles, hot metro crowd - Jarni is on the floor. I was quite upset that this guy was giving us shit about the alleged 'drugs' we were all on. But hey, everyone else was really helpful.

So we didn't get to meet up with Nick and Lior, hell we didn't even see the full set! So yeah could you pass this on to Nick perhaps, as an apology, for not tracking him down. We'll say 'Hi' next time for sure. Oh and Jarni says 'I hope Lior didn't notice me crash, tell him I'm not a druggie. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IM NOT A DRUGGIE!'. Hehe.

A little sad that we didn't get to enjoy the whole show, but what we saw we loved!"

intense hey?

xox bec
Monday, September 26th, 2005
3:48 pm
Oh what a WHITE NIGHT!
Greetings earthlings!

Well here I am, my final week in Perugia! How insane is that? Friday morning I head to Rome, and then before you know it... POOF! I'm back in Ole Sydney Town. Land of the Coathanger and White Shark Fins. How random... tell me goss! what's been happening in the land down under? SO much has been happening in the land of Pizza, I don't really know where to start! SO many stories, so many tales... all happening in the past week! This will probably be my last email to everyone before I go, (but will check again, so keep the news from home coming!) so thanks for the crazy ride kids! Has been fun!

Highlights? Well we found a Hookah Bar (ya know crazy Arabic flavour infused tobacco?) AND ITS NOT A BROTHEL OR AN OPIUM DEN! hahaha, the poor misguided 18 year olds thought we were going to be completely corrupted and thrown in a Perugian jail. But no, turns out to be one of the coolest things EVER. We've been twice and are going back tonight... its clearly becoming a monday night thing! We have to find a Hookah Bar back home... thats just some crazy fun! Its all decked out in Arabic gear, and looks like something out of Aladdin. And there's no tar or nicotine and smoking that stuff is almost cleansing... Like you walk out feeling and smelling like an Arabian princess, as opposed to walking out of the Annandale looking like a drug addict and smelling like an ashtray... with beer in it.

So yeah, mix that up with a couple of crazy nights at Tana and Merlins, and it makes for a very fun and interesting week. Class has been going great too, so much crazier and lots more fun. Well atleast our exercise lessons with Anna - she is the funniest person ever. She just makes all these little sounds, and weve all started imitating them. Hard to explain but she is one of the coolest people EVER! We've started learning the past tense and things are getting a lot trickier a lot faster. We have a 'test' on Wednesday, I SHOULD study for it... but, well. No we'll see how it goes. I don't know if I end up with a diploma or something out of this course, I tihnk you have to specifically request one from the uni... will look into that.

Anyway, on Saturday we had the big one - La Notte Bianca. The White Night. La Notte Bianca is like a nationwide festival night thing, that happens in every capital city of every region in Italy. Its basically just a giant fiesta night party thing... and its brilliant. There's live music all night, street theatre, free entry into museums and shops are open all night with discounts. I have never seen a city come alive the way Perugia did on Saturday. It was astonishing. So I shopped in the morning and gave my credit card a well deserved work out, then prepared for the crazy night ahead... and boy was it ever crazy! Safe to say the best night here... if not one of the best nights OF MY LIFE! haha.

I can't possibly begin to tell you all the crazy happenings that went on. But from 7pm - 6am we had the craziest most fun time ever. I can give you a brief rundown of some highlights, but if you have the time, get me to tell you my Storia a La Notte Bianca when I get back. I fell in and out of love with an Assisian pirate gypsy man named Fabrizio who was married, and I swear he mustve been a god of beauty or something in a previous life. He was the lead street performer in this Medieval Theatre Troupe. Leah brought me shattering back down to earth, informing me he was just a glorified carnie and nowhere near as glamorous. Still freaked the rents out by telling them I was going to bring home some gypsy bambini haha. Danced to Guarda che Luna with some smiley eyed sweet old Italian man. Went to the 2am jazz and almost got in a total cat fight (this is a story a lot of you would LOVE). Over un ragazzo of course. A boy. It ended with me telling this skank,Tailor, that she reeked of Eau de Hoe, then the group (that had gathered) got Jerry Spriner on her ass and started chanting 'Eau de Hoe! Eau de Hoe!' I was the hit amongst the Americani. Why is my wit at its best when im slightly inebriated? Aaaah well, no love lost, a lot of friends gained! A lot of other crazy fun things happened, including meeting a guy named Darling, then we ended up at Shamrock - the Irish pub - at 5am for the morning special. Then got escorted home by random Camererie (the cute curly haired waiter next door whos name i dont even know), who was more 'ubriaca' than I was. And that was a laugh and a half! So yeah, a lot of drinks, a few baci, some significant dancing and whole lot of new friends made. Kind of a bummer that I leave on Friday, but oh well. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

The morning after the night before was hilarious also... News of my cat fight with Tailor (who all the Umbra students vehemently dislike) had spread like wildfire. And my status has now reached champion hahaha. Bumped into Camererie looking a lot worse for wear, but thats another story hahaha. La Notte Bianca was BRILLIANT! Just the vibe alone was incredible. Aside from all the crazy fun happenings, the thing I really take away from it is truly experiencing this culture. Like this was italy at its best! I mean no one really cared that dirty Stranieri were spilling green drinks (again, another story) everywhere! It was La Notte Bianca, and there's something about seeing 80 yr olds dancing the Tarantella at 3am that takes your breath away!

Anyway amici, I must dash. Too many crazy things to do before I leave this fair city. Not enough time.

See you when I get back!

xoxox Bec.
Monday, September 12th, 2005
3:58 pm
Salve Amici
Hey guys!

How are we all going? Sydney still doing its same old thang? Send me back the news...

Perugia is still beautiful... even in the rain! I swear, the weather here is like Lake Eucumbene (for those of you that have been), minus the temperature extremes. There wont be a cloud in the sky one minute, then the next minute (like right now) the sky is black, HUGE thunderclaps and then cold rain. But the air stays nice and humid for you! Perfect opportunity to take refuge in a net cafe I say! Good times...

Well and truly settled in now, which is good! I have friends!!! This is very good! 90% of my calss is Americani, and thus speak english, so we get along like a house on fire. I swear, I feel like a zoo exhibit sometimes. Theyre all like 'hey Rick come here i want you to meet the Australian girl!!!'. And then the questions come... oh and they dont stop. Which is all good, as you all know how much I love to talk! And theyre from all over the States, North Dakota, LA, Wisconsin, Texas... my two best mates here, Maryanne and Lindsey, are from Minnesota and Long Island, New York respectively. Real champs, you guys would love em! Oh and then there's Klaus from Copenhagen who I met at the laundromat - a really funny experience. That night we met up with him and his roommate/adonis, Diego from Argentina. Forget italian men (I figure ive had my fair share of la stronzo experiences already) the Argentines are the way to go hahaha. Lins had to tell me to stop staring hahaha. Nah all champion people so life is good.

So yes we went out out for the first time on the weekend. Haha, Americans blatantly can't handle their alcohol, but it was funny nonetheless. We went to Merlin's, the Britsh pub in town, and I got to watch some EPL whilst there. Very cool place, reminded me a bit of the Annandale minus the stage. Very dark, with very loud rock music. So, very me. Haha, then we went to this really groovy wine lounge pseudo cocktail bar thing called Tana Dell'Orso. Refound my love of gin and tonic there... so turned into quite a pleasant and eventful evening.

The next morning we were all feeling the effects of italian vino, and the sunglasses and berocca were out in force. We got up and went to check out the annual peace march they have here. Everyone gets together and marches from Perugia to Assisi (the next big town) which is about 20 miles. So a long way. Anyhoo, none of us had any intention of actually doing the march, but there was also a demonstration and speakers and music and stuff. The bar guy at Tana said the March people left at 10, when in actual fact they left at 9... so we were a little pissed off that we missed everyone leaving. Saw it on the news that night though - mighty impressive. But we hung around and had a good time. The Italian head of Amnesty International spoke and was really impressive. Granted none of us really understood what he was saying, but the message was pretty clear. If you still werent sure, the hundreds of postesr saying 'Pace Adesso' (Peace Now) were a dead giveaway. I got a huge kick out of this! I mean I'm in Italy ffs, but manage still to attend a peace rally/demonstration! You cant keep a good activist down!

Anyway, Maryanne and I being sick of Italian food already went exploring for dinner last night. We found an Indian restaurant, and I've never laughed so hard in my life. I've clearly been spoilt with my Indian food back home. I kept thinking, Oh if Dipi and the fam could see me now! Food was d.o.d.g.y. But well worth the laugh anyway. Took a couple of photos and kept a business card as proof! hahaha.

Classes are going ok. Theyre all in italian so theres a lot of blank faces and miming going on. Learning very valuble lessons like 'la matita e sul tavolo' - the pencil is on the table. There are a lot of verbs, which are hard enough to get your head around in English, but in Italian? Voishka! The old ladies at the alimentari love me as i have learned the Lei (formal) form, and it flatters them when I address them so! haha.

And the city itself? Beautiful as ever! All that can be said really. This weather is weird though. Twice now Ive tried to go shopping at the markets for souvenirs and just general compulsive shopping sprees... and twice it has been raining and everyone has closed up shop! Maybe its the gods telling me NOT TO SPEND ANYMORE MONEY (which I am fast running out of). But I'll show them... tomorrow is another day!

Anyway friends, rain is subsiding a little. Must make the dash back home!

Ciao ragazzi,
Bec xoxo

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Thursday, September 1st, 2005
6:00 pm
ciao amici, greetings from perugia
hey guys,
not enough time, will just post the group email i sent out!
much love. xoxo

hey guys!

how are we all? im ok... got here, finally. bear with my... european keyboards are ridiculous. and ive gotta try and make this concise, but it probably wont happen.

dont know where to start really! so much has happened! plane trip was what you expect out of 24 hours in the air. met some interesting people though, but will tell you all when i get back. train trip was hell, only because of ma being silly! cryptic i know. i managed getting the right train and stuff, and sat opposite the hottest guy (think olivier martinez.. mm)! he was sweet, helped me with my bags and stuff! then ma msgs me (finally) saying that dads in hospital with chest pains and not to panic!!! wtf is with that?!?!? how am i supposed to NOT panic? it was stinking hot, im on the other side of the world, completely alone, no one speaks english and my dad is in friggin hospital with chest pains!!! it was all too much, had a little teeny cry. hot guy was concerned, and i explained and he consoled in our weird broken english italian speak! ma assured me things were fine, and that it probably wasnt heart. it was just all so full on!!! but as soon as we pulled into perugia i managed to get it together. hot guy gets off the train and goes and pashes what i assume to be his boyfriend and i thought "damn well there goes that idea". haha jokes.

im seriously in the most beautiful city in the world. i cant get over it. my apartment is great, small but cosy with air conditioning, my own bathroom and shower (including a friggin bidet... class hahaha im scared of it), a kitchen comprising of 2 elements and a fridge, and a tv (italian mtv and serie a for the next 5 weeks guys! haha). the best thing about it though is its location. its right in the middle of the city, everything is at a max 10 minutes walk away (although perugia is basically one giant hill). i couldnt ask for anything more! its on via della cantine, which is sort of like a laneway off a main street via ulisse rocchi. its cobblestone baby, and im in love with it.

ive just been acclimatising the past couple of days i guess. went food shopping which was an experience to say the least! had the most beautiful meal on my first night, at the cutest restaurant 2 doors down. met some of my neighbours there - luca and flora. theyre brother and sister. flora is 26 and looks italian, luca is 20 and looks like hes been plucked from the greenwood on a thursday night. very north shore, very preppy... but quite the hot none the less. his english is pretty good, but flora speaks like, none. really sweet people. will see them again soon im sure.

i tried to enroll at the universita today and register at my travel agency, atena. it was a bit ridiculous. im talking mad house. no one speaks english, queuing for a solid couple of hours. good way to meet people though. so far my "friends" people ive seen at least twice around perugia and have spoken to are from north carolina, usa. dortmund, germany. florida, usa. tokyo, japan. and somewhere in switzerland. good times. but yeh everyone runs on italian time and its all just ridiculously unorganised and frustrating. but thats part of the experience i guess.

i picked up "the bible" today which the little blue what-to-do in perugia book. its marvellous. written by an aussie and an american, its become my new best friend. it has all the inside gossip and its friggin anecdotal and hilarious. a good read even if you have never been to perugia. like they say "The Permesso di Soggiorno, the permit of stay, is the holy grail of documents. It means you are legal, registered, and entitled to run around town fountain blind drunk, chanting communist battle hymns." NICE. just what i needed to know. picked up my PDS today ahah. but its great, planning my trips to see ac perugia soon. theyre in serie b and are quite cool. gotta pick up some merch and become an ultra hahahahaaha. good times.

so yeah its all been happening. got my first class 2morro. technically my first class was today but the uni dicked me around so much that i missed it! bah!

must sign off, gotta figure out what im doing tonight! email me, a little homesick (only a little, dont freak) and would love to hear from you guys

buona sera mi amici!
xoxo bec.

PS - just checked out the news of the world. omg so much has happened! new orleans? oh my god!!! thats just... bah! woah. AND HELL! well done tony brogden. thats just friggin ridiculous. how full on. see im missing out on all this stuff!!! but i still care... crazy.
Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
3:49 pm
The Best Imitation of Myself
ok i'm just gonna free form this as i thought i better update... have no pretense or anything to bring to this, so it'll really be a stream of consciousness thing. get ready for bec's inner monologue... tis a scary thing.

that song (the best imitation of myself by ben folds) is one of the greatest songs ever, and i mean that. it's up there. there are a couple of his lesser known ones that are like that, philosophy also. imitation has this killer opening line 'i feel like a quote out of context, witholding the rest, so i can be for you what you wanna see.' i just love that quote out of context, captures moments greatly. philosophy is just generally cool with the chorus 'go ahead you can laugh all you want, but ive got my philosophy, it keeps my feet on the ground, and i love you youre my friend.' those two songs are so very cool.

canoli is also very cool. havent had any in ages and had a craving for it today. freaking out about the tasty food factor in italy. it's going to be very interesting. i read an article on bed and breakfast accomodation in rural italy this morning in the SMH. and thats what im gonna have to do. the thought of staying in some old farmhouse in tuscany for the weekend fills me with this indescribeable feeling. it all costs cashola that i dont have, but im starting to embrace the idea of debt as it is the student way!!! put in my UAC application thing yesterday, it felt so weird having to do it again! look at club mac here i come...

something else thats cool... dad has decided that he's going to get ben (my bro for the ignorant) an electric guitar and mini-amp for his birthday. im like vooiiisshhhkkaaaa (as felix would say) have fun with that grand you're gonna spend dad. but he insists its just a 'little one' that costs 300 bucks. im dreading to see what it is. its probably this crappy little dinky thing with a baby amp. when he first said that i got so excited coz, knowing my brothers track record, that guitar would end up being mine and i could go mental! yeah see my bro has so much potential but is a quitter. did soccer for a few years, became a really good goal keeper (for an 8 year old) then quit as he wasn't getting enough ball action. ok, whatever. started doing judo... was really good! even went in some competitions and stuff and got a couple of medals. quit. took up rugby, and has that rugby frame right? did one season, wasn't aggressive enough and thus thought he was shit (but clearly he is a rugby player right). so he quit. so now he plays baseball in the summer, and is a really REALLY good catcher. but his best mate just quit to play tennis... so he will probably quit too. little shit.

anyway, back to his birthday. he plays alto sax roight? the rents thought it would be cute, and they also thought i would just teach him! mofo's. and he's not bad, but he doesnt practice or anything and his mentality actually is 'but i'll never be as good as bec was' im like dude you don't have to be... you could be better than me! look how shitful at the sax i am now right? so he wants to stop sax, but my rents wont let him! which is good! i cant have an uncultured boofy brother... it just wont work. i mean i have to take him to the vanguard when he's 18 right?

anyway i diverted again (thats stream of consciousness for you). he's getting the guitar for his birthday, and hopefully he'll think its mighty cool. but here's the other groovy thing... some of you may know he's in love with sarah mcleod. like he said 'i think i love sarah mcleod' and 'if i had a threesome it would be with sarah mcleod and kate from lost' he's 9 by the way. so at the gig on sat nite im gonna pick him up a tshirt, and somehow get it signed for him. he would die, for sure! AND it goes so perfectly with the guitar, coz she's a full mad guitarist right? itll hopefully give him that little extra encouragement... ya know, rockin out with his sarah mcleod tshirt! as opposed to veging out in his undies playing ps2.

and my dad and i haven't fought once! the closest we've come is me being a little snappy and irritiable due to pms and telling them both to shut the fuck up while i was watching southpark. which by regular standards is actually quite pleasant.

oh and for a laugh check out the latest cat empire tour diary entry... i had tears in my eyes from laughter this morning. i love you rizza, you put the ass in bass. www.thecatempire.com

Current Mood: conscious
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
2:54 pm
my head hurts, so i thought, what better to do than update LJ? not much better...

rollercoaster of a fortnight. mainly bcoz of the extreme gig-hopping that was done. first off BLOC PARTY (some uber brilliance right there! the guys went off... they never cease to amaze, you still walk away feeling just so... just so... just so), then the final THIRSTY MERC gig for this tour (well the last one i'll be seeing anyway... v good. can't believe its over, but can at the same time as i really REALLY need a break from the mercs. not that they arent fab... but we need some time apart haha. i think the feelings mutual BAHAHAHAHHA). OH and we went to the football, Sydney dominated... dwight yorke had a great debut (shit this was like 2 weeks ago... my bad) but mark milligan is out with a hernia for a few more weeks! hehehe a hernia. ah well, get well soon spike... the blingettes miss you! and then, of course, was INTERPOL (can i get a hell yeah?) man that was a good good GREAT FAB night out! my bad for being trashy around newtown JJ hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! then back to north sydney for those sweet times and not so hot nights!

and the 'gig crawl' (as it has become affectionately known) does not end there people! in the next 3 weeks (before i leave for italy, did i tell you im going to italy haha) there are some KILLER gigs coming up... midnight swim ep launch, and of course days like stars!, elana stone CD launch (i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am about this... the fact that i will own a recording of elana stone is just incomprehensible!), the beautiful girls gig (have a spare ticket, anyone interested... will get on to that this week!), sarah mcleod at the annandale! YEAAAAH, so excited about that one too! not as excited as em, but we both have our reasons ahaha.

and possibly the greatest news EVER... not only will the cat empire be touring again in november (look out night cat, here we come) BUT the conglomerate (harry and ollie's jazz band) are releasing an album AND doing a tour! i almost cried with just JOY! the conglomerate on the road again! *sigh* if it is when i'm away i might just kill myself... but luckily insider sources have confirmed that i wont need to do that! hehe.

so you see... its all gigging! THIS IS WHY I WILL BE POOR IN ITALY... heheh but life goes on!

personal stuff? ok i guess. alessandro is going to ask nadia to marry him. don't quite know how to feel about that. he's a gimp after all... but its just that sinking feeling of 'could that have been me?' but then, would i have wanted that to be me? NO... there ya go!

oh ma and grandma leave for latvia in about 10 minutes!!!! so thats my father, my brother and i rooted for 3 weeks haha. my dad and i are gonna fight sooooo much. like i reckon it could be like a battle to the death! and ill probably win, as like i say, i have longer, manicured nails and i WILL scratch him. my bro's just along for the ride hahahahaahha!

anyhoo ive got something to rant about, but ill do that tomorrow. my head still hurts!

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
12:46 pm
sol y sombra, aeh mama, ollie's cha cha, singin weh hey hey!
hmmm i love this song. it reminds me of that weekend in melbourne last year with all my random turkish friends from the lake. not because this song even existed back then, but more that we went to the kanela flamenco bar in fitzroy! (ya know the rest of the song 'sol y sombra aeh papa kanela oh weh hey!'... TCE are frequenters at kanela, naturally). id love to cha cha with ollie...

anyhoo, back to reality. 'its monday bloody monday and there's two things i forgot' (i know the cat empire lyrics need to STOP being quoted... eek but i have to finish that line... 'i forgot to do my homework, and ive only got one sock!')... anyway it is infact monday. THE monday after a friggin HUGE weekend. eek, im cringing just thinking about it. like last weekend was massive, (2 merc gigs, lisby's 18th, a crawl around newtown and just my family in general haha) but i atleast was...ok. today i still feel completely out of it...

friday night was just funny. after the MASSIVE prang on ryde rd (ive said it before and ill say it again... from the ryde rd exit on the pac hway at gordon to my house (usually about 5 minutes) TOOK ME 40 MINUTES ON FRIDAY NIGHT! murder. luckily i had my iPod and some gum to keep me company! bah) went to dipi's for dinner. our rents were all wasted and we ganged up on bhupen (chauvinist pig) MALARIOUS. then sam rocked up and we grabbed priya and went for coffee. luckily for us, belaroma's at lindfield was still open (damn brewbakers at tuzza... where were you when we needed you?). but then the SOS call came from hassie. we drank our coffee and raced back to waroongah to where hassie was sitting with her dodgy car waiting for a tow truck. fun times. oh also i forgot... my name in italy is gonig to be falulah, and im going to wear glasses hahahaha. FALULAH (does the eye thing)

saturday? where to start. THE BEGINNING! harry potter. thats cool. all day, in bed, harry potter. good times. the occasional getting up and looking around my house at my family (who are freaks)! oh how could i forget, to get pumped for night time, i whacked on "on the attacK" (the cat empire DVD) and got SOOO fired up. ask hass, i crapped on to her about it for so long. it is SUCH a good DVD, esp if youre a fan or have been to ANY of their gigs. so you're all invited to come over and watch it! hokay? then my ma's crazy friends came around for dinner, which i got to enjoy. tasty tasty.

then the fun started. i go to hassies. now we had big plans to finish off all our 'spare' alcohol that we just had you know... sitting around. our plans were thwarted. and thats all i shall say. we did NOT finish all the grog, but were well and truly... inebriated. thats all that needs to be said on that matter. we went and got dipi from work (BEFORE i started drinking... no drinking and driving people!) made a QUICK detour via waverton and were back in eastwood before you could say SNOWIE! haha. sam and nando joined us and hilarity, naturally, ensued. fecked up card games, passing out here and there, trying to explain to sam and nando exactly what my body and mind were experiencing then just getting laughed at.

woke up the next day feeling soooooo bad! but we had to get dipi home so she could spring clean! so i drove home, VERY carefully. got home at about 3 in the arvo, luckily everyone was out so i could wallow in self misery. im like shower, pyjamas, harry potter, bed. then i realised i left my phone at hassies and had to drive all the way back to eastwood. then back home. it was hell. i dont know how i managed to do it. i realised how well and truly gone i still was when i got home the second time. slept for a while until my rents came home, and then did the 'im so straight right now'. i was clearly unwell and did the whole 'oh no ma its just headache lack of sleep too much to drink last night'. so luckily i didnt have to speak to anyone haha. it was so so SO BAD!

anyhoo i went to sleep and woke up this morning feeling well and truly disgusting. and i look pale. i hate that sick look. but i sucked it up my friends and am back at work.

5 weeks and counting!

xoxo becca j... or FALULAH

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Friday, July 15th, 2005
2:40 pm
it's a LIVE journal... or is it a journal live?
i dont really know what's going on now do i?

so here we have it... a LiveJournal. after a few weeks of bugging and pestering by masters bellatini, davies and madame phillips i caved and got a live journal (aka LJ to those that are hip and cool).

i don't know what to make of it yet as ive only just opened it and thought id better write SOMETHING! so here it is i guess.

my thoughts for this week? had a couple which i emailed around yesterday. or was it the day before?

- changing lyrics in a completely whacked state is hilarious. "you said that you needed some space, well our love... erased!" sounds cool and run of the mill and all good. but step outside the box guys. "you said that you needed some grapes, well our love... no grapes!" so inspirational.

- good movie/book - The Caveman's Valentine. Samuel L Jackson as a brilliant concert pianist who suffers paranoid schizophrenia, lives in a cave in central park and thinks this evil mr Stuyvesant (i know, Styvies, cool) is trying to control the world by sending out z-rays from the empire state building! and he investigates some murder. awesome.

- special thanks must go to robbie, guy and megs for NOT pissing me off this week. ive been really pissed off and i don't know why. but these guys ave managed to NOT piss me off. thanks guys! much love! and have a safe one guyser... come home in one piece.

anyhoo life goes on. so they say! hehehe

catch ya on the flipside mofo's!

xoxox beccarooney

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